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mm Paul Verbiton September 12, 2019
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Some would say there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than standing up in front of hundreds or even thousands of strangers to give a presentation or speech, and we wouldn’t disagree. We are all about helping people to manage their public speaking nerves and anxieties. Whether you are a complete beginner and want to build up your confidence in a very steady pace step by step process or you have some speaking experience down your belt and want to enhance your confidence and presence further. We have courses available for both. Our Public speaking course has been designed by our expert presentation and communication trainers to prepare you the next time you have to deliver your message with impact and confidence. It’s time to enhance your public speaking skills and become the charismatic speaker you have always wanted to be. Impress your work colleagues with your smooth and polished presentation skills. Amaze your friends with your newfound confidence and storytelling ability.

Key learning points

  • Developing techniques to enhance voice and communication skills
  • Managing voice and breathing
  • Experiencing the benefits of correct posture and explore how to make a full resonant sound
  • Projecting your voice with ease
  • Practicing delivering messages which engage and retain people’s attention
  • Exploring ways in which language used in public speaking impacts upon an audience
  • Refining and enhance your professional performance skills
  • Examining the impact of the way you structure your arguments

Do you wonder:
How do I become a good public speaker?
How can I overcome my nerves and present in an appealing way?
How do I know what sort of training will help me?

We can help you to become a great speaker. Our coaches have overcome their own nerves to speak to both large and intimate audiences, they can share their experiences and secrets and help you to do the same.

The best public speaking courses train you for your specific needs. All our Public Speaking Courses and personal training are tailored to the specific needs of the delegates on the day.

Topics and methodologies

Voice and body language: You’ll learn about vocal projection, pace, breathing, stance, posture, gesture and movement.

How? We’ll power up your presence using practical vocal drills, breathing exercises and body language warm-ups.

Content and structure: You’ll learn about preparation, organisation, narrative, framing, messaging and visual aids (including PowerPoint).

How? We’ll deepen your knowledge using concise briefings on best practice, case study examples, practical tips and rules for what works.

Audience engagement: You’ll learn how to connect and interact with your audience, secure and maintain their attention, interest and respect, and manage questions and discussions.

How? We’ll empower your interpersonal skills using role-play exercises and structured discussions. Click here to find out more about their courses. It is different from most other public speaking courses in that it is specifically designed for reserved and talented people who become so overwhelmed by their nerves that in some case they are unable to function. There will also be an opportunity to work on an area of difficulty, to receive feedback from others and breakthrough any blocks, so you can claim your full power and magnificence.

At the end of the group I guarantee you will find any kind of public speaking relatively easy and even enjoyable. Many people tell me that they do these events after the group without even thinking about it, and then are surprised to remember what they used to be like.

Why will it work?

Because when given a choice, most people would rather churn out blog posts, tweets and random videos than stand on stage and deliver a talk. They adopt a splatter gun approach to their online marketing, clinging onto the hope that one day, something might go viral and give them the global exposure that they crave. It’s expensive, time-consuming and a gamble. When you’re standing on stage there is nowhere to hide and if you can provide the kind of value that attracts both industry experts and the wider world, that one piece of media will create life-changing opportunities for you and your business, brand or cause.

If you can deliver a talk that both adds value to other industry experts and gives everyone a unique chance to step into your world for a few minutes, you are creating a piece of content that will separate you from one else. More often than not, fear of public speaking is overcome by learning how to do it well. If you’ve never had any coaching, addressing a crowd can be a daunting prospect, but once you know what you’re doing, the fear dissolves.

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