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mm Paul Verbiton May 30, 2019
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The very concept of productivity as a phenomenon is quite hard to explain, seeing as how it’s affected by so many different factors: the motivation of the person in question, their skill level, access to proper work resources and, of course, the set of tools that is at their disposal. In the office of the 21st century, the latter is often the issue of technology. This is why you need to consider all the tech trends that can help you overcome your current work capacities and achieve a peak of your own productivity. Here are four such trends.

1. Wi-Fi charger

One big problem with the issue of productivity is the fact that people nowadays use too many devices at the same time. However, when using your phone, tablet and laptop simultaneously, which device has a charger priority? Well, if you manage to get your hands on one of the amazing Wi-charge, what you’ll get is a scenario where you don’t have to choose. In a crowded office, this can become a proper lifesaver but the biggest difference comes from the fact that you no longer have to obsessively check the percentage of your phone’s battery. There’s also no risk of walking out of the office with under 10% of battery because you’ve forgotten to check in time.

2. Multiple screens

The myth that multi-tasking is, somehow, improving productivity has long-since been debunked, yet, the concept of using multiple screens and the idea of multitasking is not necessarily connected. Think about it; by having more display space, you get more insight into what you’re currently doing, which can turn out to be quite helpful in a myriad of fields. For instance, if you’re writing a post and need to use a plethora of statistics and facts, it’s quite helpful to have the resource that you’re currently using displayed on the other screen. This way, you can check these things simultaneously while writing.

3. Noise-canceling earphones

Your ability to focus is often limited by the amount of noise coming your way and there’s often not much you can do about this. Sure, you can ask that your coworkers start talking a tad quieter or hope that the traffic in front of your window would calm down on its own. Nonetheless, isn’t it better to actively start working on a solution rather than depend on the willingness of others to provide it? By investing in noise-canceling earphones like Shure SE846, you can easily take control of this situation. This will allow you to control what you hear and when you hear it, as well as provide absolute silence when you need it.

4. Two-in-one laptop

Finally, we’ve already mentioned the issue of using multiple devices for work and this isn’t always a good thing. It especially holds true for those who are always on the run. You see, there are some scenarios in which it will be better to have a tablet, as well as those in which it will be far handier to have access to an actual laptop. With a two-in-one device, you won’t have to choose, seeing as how you’ll be able to instantaneously transform a device into one or another. The mere pragmatism of this concept is something that can transform what being a digital nomad is actually all about.


In the end, it’s important you realize there’s only so much that a tool can do and technology is, indeed just that – a tool. Still, occasionally, all you need is a slight aid, an edge to help you overcome this difficulty and achieve a slight boost in productivity. Basically, if you’re all about performance, sometimes this can turn into a game of inches. In this particular scenario, every bit of help matters and makes a difference.

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