8 things you can do to boost self-confidence for your job search

mm Paul Verbiton May 12, 2021
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No matter how smart, skilled, and ready to work we are, there’s something about a job search that always intimidates us. If you feel the same way, it’s totally normal!

Normal doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare, though. The better prepared you are, the more confidence you have going into the world of job hunting.

But preparation for applications, resumes, and interviews in the 21st century isn’t always easy. It’s difficult enough dealing with the competition, A.I. resume scanners, and the interview process in a post-COVID 19 world. You don’t need to be fighting your own inner critic at the same time!

One thing you can do is get a grasp on your confidence level with a little bit of work. These nine tips will give your self-confidence a boost, letting you focus on finding the perfect job.

1. Switch Your Mindset

No matter how badly you need a job, if you focus on not having one, that negative thought pattern will follow you in your search.

Successful people have a positive mindset. They know there’s a problem, but they focus on finding a solution. They don’t wallow in their circumstances. They keep their eye on the big picture as they look for the next step to get there.

The best thing you can do to help yourself in your job search, as well as everywhere else in life, is to have a major perspective shift to the positive.

2. Hire a Recruiter

If you’ve been in the job search field for a while, your next step should be looking into recruiters for your industry.

This doesn’t mean you think you can’t get a job yourself. It’s actually a classic example of working smarter, not harder.

Job recruiters have the literal duty of matching potential employees up with their perfect position. They can help you find the best possible job openings and walk you through the interview process.

With a job recruiter on your side, you now have someone who knows your goals and has the skills and resources to help you meet them. For more on the benefits of working with a job recruiter, check out this article by Physicians Thrive.

3. Surround Yourself With Go-Getters

From the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, surround yourself with positive energy.

Start by unfollowing anyone on your social media that is a “gloom-and-doomer”. You don’t need that kind of energy, even on a quick scroll through your feed.

Listen to podcasts and read books by successful people in your industry. Try to attend conferences or Zoom workshops. The energy in a go-getter group is contagious!

4. Stay Active

If you let yourself become a couch potato while you’re in between jobs, it’s going to be harder to stay confident.

Being inactive for too long has a physical effect, of course, but it’s also hard on your mind. The lack of exercise reduces the circulation in your body. Fresh, oxygenated blood doesn’t get to your brain as fast as it should.

Over time, you’re likely to gain weight, which is often seen as a negative thing to most people.

Whether you have to go for a walk, exercise at home, or hit the gym, stay active!

5. Learn How to Accept Setbacks

Life is full of ups and downs. While you’re looking for a job, those downs can become painful setbacks. If you’re excited about an interview you’re sure you aced, only to get passed over for the position, it can be a tough blow.

Instead of letting these setbacks push you back even further by getting you down, let them help you grow! Ask the interviewer why they chose the other person and if there was anything you could have done differently. Use their response as a learning experience.

If it wasn’t an interview, try to figure out where you went wrong or where the mistake was. Then use that knowledge to continually refine and improve your job search process.

6. Keep Your Goals in Mind

Confident people have goals they’re always working toward. It’s okay if you’re complacent with where you are, but staying still for too long always ends up becoming a bad thing.

As you’re looking for your next job, keep your goals in mind. Apply for positions that will help you get to those targets. While you’re waiting, take courses or read books that improve your knowledge in industry-related areas or teach you new skills.

Remember that you don’t have to get to your goals immediately. You just have to take the next step to the next step.

7. Be Open to Other Opportunities

It’s quite possible that the dream job you think you want may not be as amazing as you’re imagining. But another job opportunity that comes your way could be exactly what you’d hoped for.

You don’t want to go overboard by applying for everything out there. However, don’t be so niched and tightly focused that you overlook a job that has the potential to be incredible.

8. Move On After Rejection

No one enjoys being rejected, especially for a job they really wanted. If you get turned down, let yourself feel the disappointment. Then let it go.

You might be surprised at how many people let a job rejection change their path. Instead of moving forward, they hold onto the disappointment and begin to fear future rejection.

This keeps them from applying for jobs they’d otherwise have loved the challenge of. They stick with safe, attainable job applications.

You, on the other hand, are going to move on from your rejections and learn from them, as with any other setback. Let it thicken your skin and make you stronger!


The job economy in the 21st century is a volatile place to be hunting in, but people who are self-confident are statistically more likely to be successful. Use these tips to boost your confidence and make your job search journey an easier one!

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