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mm Paul Verbiton August 17, 2018
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underbed storage

You don’t have to struggle with space when your under bed is actually empty. Your sleeping space can store a lot of stuff you have been wondering where to store them. These great under bed storage boxes ensure your things are safely stored out of your way but yet in a reachable place.

The storage boxes are in different categories and you only choose the one that fits your needs. You can choose to purchase the boxes, you can purchase a bed which already has the in-built underbed storage space or you can build drawers in your current bed. All of them serve the same purpose of utilizing the space under your bed.

The under the bed storage boxes come in different sizes and shapes. They are also naturally colored and blend well with most rooms’ décor easily. So, it is upon you to choose an underbed storage box you like most. They allow you to keep things such as summer clothes and duvets in that hidden space under your bed. Think about it: how good does it sounds: under bed shoe storage? Really nice, isn’t it? The good thing is that these boxes fit under the bed perfectly.

These plastic under bed storage bins comes in handy especially if you want to maximize the available space in your bedroom. When you store your stuff in the range of shallow boxes in the space beneath your bed, your bedroom will be free from the clutter.

These underbad storage containers are available in a variety of sizes from small and medium to large. If you love color, you don’t have to worry since the boxes also come in bright and vibrant colors and all you need is to select your favorite one.

There are large under bed storage boxes that are the size of a large suitcase and this means there is a total of 16 cubics fit ample storage spaces to store all your stuff. If you choose to have the ones that are in-built, they will still serve the same purpose. Since they are built into the base of the bed itself, they will be out of sight and well hidden from people.

You can have two or even four drawer options depending on your bed design. These boxes are made up of solid wood and well finished to match your bed in a perfect way. They are hand-crafted with strong dovetailed joints. Their bases don’t come apart from the sides and they don’t stick on carpets or rugs. They are quite strong and you can be sure they will last for the lifetime of the bed.

Utilizing the unused space under the bed by storing your staff is the way to go if you have a lot of stuff in your room and you like a spacious and neat bedroom. These storage boxes offer a sensible solution to the problem by providing bed boxes that fit well in most under bed spaces.

Why throw clothes and other staff all over the room when there is an alternative solution? Storage boxes are the best way to store seasonal clothes, toys and beddings among other stuff. This is the most appropriate method to store your staff without straggling with space.

You can alternatively choose to purchase a bed within storage such as built-in drawers. This is another great way to store a large number of possessions and no one will notice their presence. Such beds have a large storage capacity but they don’t compromise the neatness of your bed.

Why you should have an under bed storage space

Under the bed storage is a perfect choice if you want additional storage space without rearranging or removing anything in that particular room or adding wardrobes and cupboards which may be expensive. It is also very good in children bedrooms as it provides a simple way to put their rooms neat and in order even without removing their staff such as clothes and toys from their room.

This form of storage is particularly useful if you have height bed frame since they are specifically designed not only to create storage space but also to compliment your bed frame. You can even use this form of storage as an alternative to your usual wardrobe and everything will be just fine. More so, most of these boxes come with castors and this makes it easy to slide the boxes in and out of under your bed.

If your bed has a wooden frame, you can choose to have the same finish of your wooden under bed storage containers and this will make your bed more appealing. If you are looking to tidy up your bedroom, then consider an underbed storage solution to your problems. This is a brilliant space saving solution worth your investment.

What you need to know before building underbed storage drawers

Under bed storage drawers are very ideal for those people who live in a small space. If you are thinking of adding under bed drawers to your bed frame, there are a few important things you should keep in mind before you begin the process. If you plan them properly, you won’t experience any challenges in the future.

First of all, there is no need to put complicated drawers. Just keep it simple. If you have a straight four-legged bed without additional frames, you can convert some other furniture drawers, add some rolled blade wheels and put a handle outside the edge, there will be no need of installing the stops and you will have achieved your desires of having an underbed storage space in a simple way.

Another important thing to consider is the size of the under bed drawers you intend to build or purchase ready-made. If this is your first time, it would be better to go for smaller ones for simplicity and you will have an opportunity to experience their importance and from there, if you still need more, you can choose the one that suits your needs most.

Ways to maximize the space under the bed

Now that you have already purchased under bed storage boxes or you have build drawers under your bed, how will you maximize the usage of that space? Normally a bed occupies a great deal of the room whether it’s a master’s bedroom or the kids’ bedroom and the best way is to get ways to utilize it as a storage space for your things.

It mostly comes in handy for smaller homes which don’t have adequate spaces to store things. It is also best for storing items that aren’t used frequently, creating ample space for the items that are in use every now and then.

The best way to go about it is to approach the under bed space just like any other space around the house. Even if it is in a hidden place, ensure you arrange all the items in a neat and organized way so that you can be able to store lots of your things. It is better to go for lidding containers if your room is prone to dust so that your items will not catch dirt and they will stay the same way you placed them.

Ensure you get boxes that easily fit the space to make your work easier. Storage solutions with wheels are also a good choice. You can also consider adding casters to the ones you already have. Check out these different ways of utilizing under bed space;

a) Wheeled boxes

This is the best way to store your belongings out of sight. They are also accessible because whenever you need something it will be easy to roll out the storage box. A large one would be ideal for books, beddings, off-season clothes among other items.

b) Drawers

It would be ideal to purchase wheeled drawers. However, if you already have non-wheeled drawers, you should consider adding casters to the bottoms. They are very ideal for guests rooms since you already have a space to put in spare blankets and pillows and easily remove them when you have visitors. Another ideal place is the kids’ bedroom so that they can store their toys and dress up clothes and keep their bedroom tidy.

c) Locked boxes

That space beneath your bed is a suitable place to put your valuable documents such as school certificates since it’s a secure space accessible to a few people.

d) Storage bags

Every household has items that are infrequently used. The best place to store such belongings would be in a large storage bag and place it under the bed. This way, every space in your house will be used up in the right way.

e) Archival storage boxes

If you are the type of a person who likes storing treasured items such as clothes, gifts, ornaments, ancestral items, veils and the like, the perfect place to place them would be under the bed because that is a space that is not accessed by many people and in return they will not occupy the space you use for your daily activities.

f) Bed Risers

If you want more under bed space to store your stuff, you can consider elevating your bed more inches off the floor with risers. If a higher bed is more comfortable for you or it gives you a better view of the television and the windows, then this will be a plus for you.

Bottom Line

If you don’t use the space under your bed, chances are you will have lot of stuff scattered around your bedroom and this will definitely mess up your room. Don’t hesitate using that space under your bed since that will add more space to your room without necessarily removing anything. Create more space today in your home through the use of under bed space.

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