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mm Paul Verbiton October 7, 2020
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The atomic lighter is basically a fuel-free rechargeable lighter that works anywhere, anytime. This unique and rechargeable lighter relies on plasma technology. The technology it uses is similar to that of a taser. It is a fuel-free, windproof, weather resistant lighter. It is a reliable source of heat to day trippers, weekend warriors and country explorers’ regardless of the environmental conditions.

All human beings at some point in their lives require a lighter. Whether you are a camper, a smoker or simply a lighter of candles, every once in a while you will use a lighter. This being the case, then pretty every person can use this product. So, should you consider bringing your atomic lighter with you next time you plan for an outdoor adventure? This article won’t only answer your question but it will also shed more light on this awesome product.

How does it work?

Atomic lighter is an innovative solution for starting a fire. As mentioned above, it uses plasma technology. This means that it will light every time no matter the weather condition. The only thing this lighter requires is to be fully charged. It doesn’t use gas or butane. It is pretty much simple. All you need to do is to press the button to turn it on. You will then notice the electric arc and it will appear as two brightly colored lines across paths. The lighter heats up quite quickly and to high temperatures as well.

For this to happen, you need to have charged it up. Make sure you read the instructions carefully so that you can tell the required time of charging. When it is fully charged, you can then use your atomic lighter to do its magic. Every time the charge wears off, you simply need to charge it up and use it again and again.

Other lighters may ignite the fire the same way but since they don’t use plasma arc technology, they are not guaranteed to last for a lifetime. They are also not rechargeable with a USB port. Furthermore, they are not atomic tough like the atomic lighter.

As other lighters rely on fuel or spark set up, this one has a small electrical arc which is created between two ceramic electrodes. It allows you to light candle wicks or anything else in a more efficient manner because the arc is much hotter than the one you get from a lighter or matches. Since atomic lighter doesn’t use a flame, you can turn it upside down without you getting burned.

Benefits of using atomic lighter

Atomic lighter is waterproof and windproof. It uses electricity instead of butane or other fuels. You can still light it even in the wind and since it doesn’t use a flint, it still works perfectly even when wet. When you have an atomic lighter, you are guaranteed of igniting a fire without worrying about wet matches or running out of fuel. More so, this lighter does its magic any time you need it to. You don’t have to struggle to light it again and again. Any time you need it, it will light up appropriately. Below are some advantages you will definitely enjoy when you purchase an atomic lighter:

Saves you money

Who on earth doesn’t want that? Purchasing this unit will certainly save you money since you won’t be required to purchase lighter fluid or disposable lighters or matches again. Instead, you will only be required to recharge this one over and over.

A time saver

If you want to have a lighter that enables you to light something immediately so as to save time to do other things, then you won’t go wrong with an atomic lighter. The ordeal of struggling with matches during a rainy season or while hiking with friends can really be time-consuming. No one would find it fun to struggle with a lighter near their barbeque as you prepare dinner for your family or loved ones. The good news is that you no longer need to do that anymore. Use an atomic lighter to get fire any time you have the need.

It is safe

One of the atomic lighter safety features is the inclusion of both an ON and OFF setting. These two features ensure unwanted ignition is properly prevented. Although this product is not totally childproof, it is safer to use it around kids as compared to other types of lighters. This is because it doesn’t use a flame. However, to be on the safe side, ensure your younger ones don’t use it without adult supervision. Better still keep the atomic lighter out of reach of children. It is also important to note that even though the atomic lighter doesn’t use a flame, you can still get a small zap or burn if the element comes into contact with your skin. That can be painful, keep watch. Also, remember to turn off the light after use. Don’t use the lighter if it is damaged in any way.


The atomic lighter is very economical since instead of buying disposable matches, you are only required to recharge it. It uses a rechargeable battery and it can give you up to a 100 lights per single charge. It is also possible to charge it anywhere because it uses a USB cable.

Strong and durable

Is the atomic lighter durable? Definitely, it is. This is actually the main selling point of the atomic lighter so far. The atomic lighter is made of a lightweight but exceptionally durable alloy. It is, therefore, able to withstand almost any weather conditions and even extensive usage. In fact, it is claimed that it can take being frozen into a block of ice or be run over by a 10-ton tactical vehicle and still function well. This means you are safe to take it to hike, camping or anything of the sort and no amount of falls, drops or damage will reduce its effectiveness. Although most people wouldn’t of beating up their lighters anyway, it is better to have a product that is going to be able to withstand some rough handling. Moreover, even the electric flame of the atomic lighter is also strong and durable.

Several uses

This device has many uses such as lighting up a bonfire, starting a barbeque or even igniting those back yard fireworks. Surely, you really have a reason to own one. Furthermore, you can use it to light candles in your home, light a gas stove top or incense without burning yourself. Literally, it can light anything you see the need for igniting a fire.

Tough and reliable

Reliability is another important factor to put into consideration especially if you intend to use the device as outdoor equipment. Getting a device that will serve appropriately even during tough times is very crucial. The atomic lighter is not only tough but it is also reliable to equal measures. For instance, it doesn’t rely on traditional fluid sources for fuel. This enables it to withstand a rainstorm or a windstorm and still remain lit. having a lighter that is made out of a durable metal will enable you to have a peace of mind whether you have put it in your hiking pack or jacket pocket since you are not worried it may end up breaking. A lighter that can still operate during rain, wind or snow means that you are not going to have problems anytime you need to ignite a fire.


Since the atomic lighter is charged, when it goes out of charge it cannot be used. Therefore this means you have to keep on charging for you to effectively use it.

Another thing is that atomic lighter is quite expensive especially when compared with other traditional lighters.

What is the difference between atomic lighter and other competitors?

Using matches is often challenging to light since they take time to produce fire and sometimes they can break in the process. Another thing is when the matchbox starts to wear out before you have finished with the entire matches in the box. This leaves you stranded since you have the matches but the box no longer functions accordingly and this means you either purchase another one or stay without a lighter.

Traditional lighters are also challenging to use. They actually have a tendency of running out of lighter fluid when you need them most. This can be very frustrating, to say the least. Another nightmare is when you are using disposable lighters. They wouldn’t stay lit when you really need that flame. However, when it comes to atomic lighter, you simply need to press the button and have the light at your disposal at your first attempt and anytime you need it.

What you need to know before purchasing this product

First of all, please bear in mind that this product is not perfect. Those tiny electric arcs are really exciting to the eye, however, your interest may reduce when they go out after only fifteen charges. This is not meant to stop you from buying this product, this is meant to inform you that you shouldn’t manage your expectations least you become disappointed after you have already purchased the product.

If you are the type that constantly users a lighter throughout the day, the option of an atomic lighter may not go very well with you. In other words, it may not serve you as you would expect.

All in all, an atomic lighter is still convenient and it brings a lot of fun to the user. Opting for a unique product that surpasses the traditional ones is still a brilliant idea.

So, should you buy it or not? Frankly, the issue here is not if you would want to buy it or not, the issue here is that most probably you need it.

The bottom line

The atomic lighter is one of those must-haves. It will serve you for the longest time due to its durability. It is also reliable and this means you won’t be in for a disappointment any time you need to ignite a fire be it in your home or any outdoor activity. Since the gadget uses a charge, you may want to keep that USB cable in handy so that you can recharge your device any time. Generally, this is a good product to own instead of the traditional lighters.

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