5 tips on how to extend the life of your new ATV engine

mm Paul Verbiton December 20, 2019
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Whether you ride a Honda Rancher, a Kawasaki, or a Polaris RZR, there is no doubt that you ride it like there is no tomorrow. There is also no doubt that you want to keep it going like it’s new. The secret to doing that is investing in a quality 150cc engine with reverse and also ensuring you properly maintain it. In that breath, here are some tips to help you take care and extend your ATV’s new engine life.

Check and Change the Oil Regularly

We all know that the secret to keeping your regular car engine running properly is checking and changing its oil regularly. Well, the same case applies to an ATV engine, as well. Oil helps lubricate your 150cc engine with reverse, so it doesn’t damage itself. Therefore, always check and change the oil regularly. The secret to staying on top of this is checking it whenever you fill the gas tank or once a week. Furthermore, this shouldn’t be as hard as checking and changing the oil on an ATV, as it is way easier than doing the same on your car or truck.

Invest in High Quality, Synthetic Oils

As already mentioned, one of the top secrets to extending the life of your engine is ensuring proper engine lubrication. However, don’t just use any oil you come across. Why? Well, in comparison to the engine on your car or truck, an ATV engine is often smaller; hence it is more sensitive to oil weight. To make the most out of the 150cc engine with reverse, invest in high quality and synthetic oils recommended by your manufacturer.

Always Keep an Eye on the Levels of the Engine Fluid

Besides oil, all other engine fluids are of the essence, as well. Therefore, to keep your ATV’s engine performance at its best, keep tabs on the fluid levels. Ensure that you always use fresh gas every time you plan on taking on an off-road adventure. This is important because old gas tends to settle, and even collect water, and consequently, affect the performance as well as the life of your engine.

Also, ensure that you use a quality coolant and keep an eye on its level as well so you can keep the temperature under control.

Ensure That the Air Filters are Crispy Clean and Properly Oiled

Air filters are the nostrils of the new 150cc engine with reverse you recently bought. They allow the proper circulation of oxygen and keep out dust, debris, and water from entering your ATV engine. In other words, they block out all the bad stuff.

That said, a dirty or water-soaked air filter means that your engine will become oxygen-deprived. This, in turn, affects both the performance of your engine and that of your ATV. In some cases, the engine will even shut down because there is not enough air to keep it running. Ensure you clean your air filters, so your ATV doesn’t shut down on you in the middle of nowhere. Also, oil them properly because a dry air filter cannot efficiently block out all the dirt and debris.

Keeping your air filters clean and adequately oiled will not only prolong the life of the engine but will also keep your ATV running like a champ.

Wash Your ATV Regularly

Wondering what the cleanliness of your ATV has to do with your engine? Well, other than causing corrosion on the metal parts of your ATV, the dirt and mud accumulated from your last ride can also penetrate the air filter. As mentioned above, a dirty or blocked air filter means oxygen deprivation to your engine and, consequently, engine damage.

Always Go for your Scheduled Maintenance

On top of all that, to keep your engine performance at par, always go for your scheduled ATV maintenance. This way, any issues that you may not have noticed but which may cause trouble will be identified before they get out of hand.

A 150cc engine with reverse boasts a string of impressive features. For instance, it has a maximum torque of 7.0N.m/6500rpm, a 6.0kW/8000rpm horsepower, CDI ignition, and a bunch of many others that will offer you nothing but exemplary performance. However, the only way you’ll maximize on such features is if you take good care of your ATV engine.

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