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mm Paul Verbiton April 20, 2021
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A building inspection is mainly done to ensure that all property development standards are met. Reviews are critical as they help to keep track of the initial plans. They assist in budgeting for the repairs. Frequent inspections also prevent damages. Checks are also crucial because they assist in identifying the best maintenance methods for the building.

A building inspector in Adelaide thus works toward maintaining the safety of infrastructure. The infrastructure should comply with elements such as ordinances, building codes, and zoning codes. There are different types of inspectors depending on their areas of specialization. They also differ depending on the kind of inspection taking place, for example:

  1. Special purpose inspections – These types of inspections are carried out randomly. They are target-specific. They can also take a long period to generate findings.
  2. Pest and building inspection – Such inspections are aimed to check the natural state of the facility. They look out for repairs and even help draft the budget if there are potential buyers.
  3. Home inspections – The pre-existing and newly built building is inspected. The homeowner has to have a report showing that their homes are in excellent condition.
  4. Coating inspections – Exterior building paintings and coating on different surfaces are examined. The main aim of this inspection is to ensure that the painting is perfectly done.

A building inspector needs to be highly skilled for their job.

The Skills They Should Be Well Versed

  1. Education Qualification – The inspector should be certified by the board before any form of practice.
  2. Communication skills – This work revolves around generating findings and reporting to involved parties, for example, buyers and negotiators. With that in mind, the inspector should know how to communicate with the clients.
  3. Work Experience.

Different types of building inspectors

  1. Electrical Inspectors – Electrical inspectors examine whether the electrical systems are perfectly functioning. They see to it that the systems follow the codes. They also check the lighting, wiring, and security system.
  2. Mechanical Inspectors – These inspectors examine the boilers, commercial kitchen, and gas-fired equipment. It also ensures that installations such as the HVACR are well.
  3. Home Inspectors – Home inspectors inspect the new and pre-existing buildings. They check parts such as ventilation, the walls, roofing, plumbing, and even electrical systems.
  4. Public Work Inspectors – Public work inspectors examine the bridges, dams, water, and sewer system. The main aim is to ensure that they comply with the citing contracts.
  5. Plumbing Inspectors – These inspectors check the drainage and water systems.
  6. Plan Inspectors – They examine building plans to ensure that they meet the set building standards.
  7. Specification Inspectors – The inspectors primarily work for the owners of the buildings, and they are target-specific. They aim to ensure that the desired plan and standards are met as required by the owners.

A successful building inspection indicates that your building meets all the standards that will account for your safety. It also shows that the structural specifications have been met!

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