Clever ways to help students become smarter in maths

mm Paul Verbiton July 29, 2020
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For most students, maths can be one of the most difficult and complicated subjects in school. Some of them even feel like they cannot understand any concepts taught in class. For this reason, the kids would dread going to school, especially if they have an upcoming exam in maths. Ideally, parents should help their kids with their studies at home. Yet there are times when moms and dads had a lot of other tasks to do, so their time for helping the children with their homework became limited. If they want their kids to improve in class, they need to seek tutors who teach maths online. It can be a convenient way of assisting the kids while studying their dreaded subject.

Since many kids are not comfortable learning maths, the parents and tutors who teach maths online need to find a way to make the students feel more confident about the subject. Here are some ways to make students believe that learning maths can be fun.

Debunk Myths About Maths

For years, students believe that some people are not born to be good at maths. They think that only the maths person will be able to understand numbers and the concepts around it. However, everyone can become well versed in maths. A study released in 2018 proved that every person could learn high-level maths. Students only need to get rid of the notion that their brains are not wired to learn the theories and concepts of mathematics.

Change Their Mindset

Parents and educators need to convince their students that changing their mindset about maths can do wonders for their learning process. If they choose to have a growth mindset instead of having a fixed one, they can drastically increase their learning potential. As a result, their brains can start acquiring more information about the subjects even if they had to learn about maths online.

Accept Mistakes

One of the things that make maths different from other subjects is the possibility of having glaring mistakes after solving a problem. It is the reason why students are afraid to study maths. They are so scared of using the wrong formulas or ending up with incorrect solutions. But if they learn that it is okay to make mistakes, it would be easier for them to get comfortable with the subject. They only need the assurance that there are corrections available for any error that they made since maths is a precise subject. As a result, they would begin to accept mistakes positively and work hard to fix the problem and achieve accurate results.

Use Strategies For Success

Some highly skilled maths teachers know the essence of learning number sense in teaching the subject to their students. They would usually make their students join a discussion about numerical reasoning, number flexibility, and mathematical connections so they can come up with a variety of solutions to different maths problems. If students managed to develop their number sense, it would be easier for them to pass maths in school. Other strategies include using number patterns to teach the students that maths is a course composed of interconnected ideas.

Learning maths does not have to be painstakingly hard for students. They only need to change their opinion about the subject so they can start warming up to the idea that they can learn it properly, whether in class, at home, or online. After all, the concepts of maths can be found anywhere. There are even mathematical patterns in sports and nature. For this reason, parents need to encourage their children to give maths a try so they can excel both in class and in life.

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