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mm Paul Verbiton September 19, 2019
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coin master

The Coin Master is an exclusive mobile game that has taken both young and old generation by storm. However, parents need to keep an eye on their children, especially if they are making in-app purchases. Apart from that, the Coin Master is a clean and super amazing online game that can be played by anybody.

It wouldn’t be out of order to say that this game is among the top app on the App Store. This could be because of its addictive nature. When it comes to Coin Master, there are only two kinds of people – the ones who hate everything about this game and the majority who are the diehards.

The game is designed to be played in Android iOS and Facebook. It is meant to be enjoyed by people of all walks of life. To play the game, you are supposed to spin a wheel. You will get several items. These items will help you advance later in the game. The things you obtain from the wheel will determine how your game will develop. Although the game includes different forms of in-app purchases, it is free to download. Once you download it, you can begin to play the game instantly.

While it is possible to play this game with total strangers, you can still play it with your friends and have lots of fun. It enables you to do all a mobile game can do when you connect to your Facebook account. You have the freedom to spam your friends with game invites, pester them for free things in the game and even attack their villages. However, do that at your own risk. If you lose some of your friends, don’t blame the game.

You will gain a total of 75000 coins in your game when you start to play the game. You are also required to purchase a village worth 6000 game coins. From there, every time you create something in that village, you will get a star rating. To be allowed to move to a different village, you must collect 20 stars. When you build your village, it is now time to put your wanted name in the game. You can as well attach your Facebook account. In fact, this option will give you a good number of rewards in the game.

Essential items you will need to succeed in the game

3 Hammer

Hammer is one of the critical things in Coin Master. Otherwise, what will you use to attack other villages and destroy them? Hammer is an essential item which you should have, and you can acquire it from a slot machine. However, during the attack, the hammer can only be used once. After that, you won’t be able to use it again because it will vanish. The use of shields can stop the strikes of a hammer. When your opponent uses shields to defend their village, a little share of their coins will be yours.

3 Shields

Just the same way you have the power to attach someone, the same way someone can attack you and your village. For that matter, you need to be prepared. The safety of your village should be your highest priority all the time. To do so, get the combination of shields. Anytime you get attacked, the shield will be broken. For instance, if you already have three shields, when an attack comes, your shield won’t go to waste. Instead, you will receive free spins on Coin Master. Also, you will be rewarded with coins after every successful attack.

3 Coin pouches

You can get coin poaches instead of coins, and that is a good thing. In other words, they are a hidden treasure. From them, you can generate hundreds of thousands of coins. If you are lucky to get three bags, things will be more natural for you to progress to the next level. This way, you will be able to buy more items for your village.

Game coins

If you weren’t lucky to get any item through the slot machine, don’t be discouraged. You can as well get some free game coins. Isn’t that wonderful?

3 Raid pigs

A combination of 3 pigs’ faces means you are going to someone’s village to steal their treasure. In their land, there are be four marks. You have a chance, to begin with, the three of them. There is one spot there which doesn’t have any game coins. Therefore, if luck is on your side, you have coins in all the three places you chose. Also, remember that it is inevitable for others to raid your village, and you can be robbed in the process.

3 Energy capsules

Those blue colored capsules you see in the slot machine are known as energy capsules. You get ten free Coin Master spins any time you get a combination of the three energy capsules.

Best ways to get free spins in Coin Master

When playing this game, you need to get free spins Coin Master, if you are to achieve the desired results. If you just play without knowing such tricks, you will be wondering why your friends are quickly going to the next village and leaving you behind. There are several ways to do so. Read on and learn some of the best ones.

1. Watch promotional videos

There is an energy capsule at the right corner under the slot machine. That energy capsule symbolizes free promotional videos which can assist you in getting a free spin for watching one video. So, if you want to get some Coin Master daily free spins, view those videos.

2. Ask for free gifts from friends

There is a gift column in the menu, and you should make good use of it. You are given a chance to send gifts to your friends. In fact, you are allowed to send them a free spin or a total of 10K coins. When the gift is sent, your friend will be notified. There is also a chance to return the gift if they want. So, you and your friend will benefit from equal measures.

3. Exclusive events

Coin Master provides an opportunity to win free coins and spins whenever it organizes exclusive offers and events. However, when using these offers, you must make prompt decisions because they are there for just a limited time.

4. Connect your Facebook account

There are so many benefits that come connecting your Facebook account with Coin Master. That is because persons with Facebook accounts are fond of logging in into their account every day. During that process of scrolling down the posts, one will definitely look into the game. Hence, the connection of this game to Facebook has brought it to the limelight in an impressive way.

If you attach this game to your Facebook account, some of the things you will benefit from include:
– All your progress is saved
– 25 extra spins
– An opportunity to compete with your friends
– A bonus of 1 million coins for the first time

The players of this game are sure to get lucky spins, and this assists them to have more Coin Master spins. This way, the game continues to be exciting and exciting to its players.

5. Invite friends and get free spins

When you invite your friends to this game, you are entitled to get Coin Master free spins. They are meant to entice other people to enter this unique game. When your friend accepts the request and joins the game, you will receive 25 free spins right away. This is as the same to say if you are lucky to invite ten people, you will be given 350 spins. If you are luckier to invite a 100 people, then 2500 spins are yours. So, the more you invite, the merrier.

Coin Master tips and tricks


On the map, you will find numerous places available. The first village you will come across in the game is the Land of Vikings followed by Ancient Egypt, Snowy Alps, Far East, Stone Age, Sunny Hawaii, The Future, Arabian Nights, Moon Landing, Wild West and the last one is The Arctic. Apart from these villages, there are other places you can unlock after you progress in the game.


If you put on the sound and music, there will be extra effects. For instance, you can get notifications for attacks, raids, and general notifications if you put on the volume. All these can be done in the settings section of this game. More so, if you are not able to play the game, you can go to the settings section and watch the tutorials to become a pro.


It is at the Leaderboard that you will be able to know the names of the players who have earned trophies in the game. Plus, you will also get to know the highest star rated player countrywide or even globally. You can as well know about their villages by clicking their names. As you check other players’ achievements, you will be in a better position to understand the game.

Game shop

Any time you want to purchase Coin Master links and spins, do so at the game shop. At the shop, the spins are in fixed amounts such as 20 spins, 55 spins, 150 spins and so on. You get to earn more discounts as you purchase higher quantities of spins. So far, the best discount you can get is when you are buying 1,350 spins to get 35% more spins. So, whenever possible, purchase a large number of turns.

Chests and coins

The primary currency of the game is the coin. When you win at the Slot Machine, you earn coins. Another way to acquire coins is through purchasing them at the game shop using real-world money. The more coins you are buying, the better discount you get. As for chests, you can start to unlock them when you reach level 3. You can also purchase them at the game shop. To unlock the pets’ collection, you must reach village 4.

The bottom line

Today, Coin Master is one of the most renounced online mobile game on msnfreegames. It is a unique game full of fun. Its players have not regretted downloading and plying it. Therefore, if you haven’t yet started playing and enjoying this game, then it is your highest time to do so. Indulge in Coin Master with your loved ones and build an unshakable village together. Don’t forget to connect it to your Facebook account, there are so many benefits that come with this, and for sure you don’t want to miss them. The most impressive feature about this game is that both kids and adults can play it. Making it a fantastic activity to bring parents and their children together to have lots of fun.

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