Crafting ideas: how to do unusual paint parties

mm Paul Verbiton February 26, 2021
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Have you been thinking about holding your own paint party? Then you may want to learn more about how to paint have some of the more unusual paint parties so you can attract more people to the fun.

#1 Paint Brush Rice Krispy Treats

If you are interested in having a painting party for the kids, you might think about painting things that are edible, such as Rice Krispy Treats. You can get paint brushes that are made from dipping the treats in colored candy melts.

#2 Rainbow Paint Palette Cupcakes

You can have cupcakes in all rainbow colors for your paint party for your child’s birthday. You can have your cupcakes done in the standard colors but they can look even cuter when they are put on an art palette, complete with the paintbrush and frosting paint.

#3 Painting With Feet

Now this is a cool paint party idea! Painting with your feet might sound odd at first, but it is popular with both children and adults. You will need plenty of butcher paper, paper weights, tempera paints, and paper towels. This is the kind of artwork project that all participants will remember!

#4 Paint Can Party Favors

When you have a paint party, you can have some really creative party favors. These paint cans do not have paint in them, but rather have various candies, such as jelly beans in several colors. You can add personalized labels, which is a great touch.

#5 Splatter Station

Having a splatter station at your party is great so your guests can learn more about colors and create messy masterpieces to take home. You need to provide the canvas and paint for splattering, while your painters provide creativity and imagination. Putting the paint in squirt bottles is a great idea.

#6 Squirt Gun Painting

If you are having a kids’ party, you can have a squirt gun painting party. If having the squirt guns isn’t enough crazy fun, you also can liquid watercolors in them to make the party a total blast. All you need is an art easel and put watercolor paper on it.

If you cannot do that, put water color paper on your fence with pins. Let the children fill their squirt guns with liquid water colors and let them have fun.

#7 Paint Brush Pretzels

If you don’t want to have a birthday cake for your child’s party, you can do paintbrush pretzels. All you need is melted chocolate in several colors and a bunch of pretzel rods.

To get a coated paintbrush style, you just melt the candy per the directions. You just dip each pretzel rod in the melted candy and coat only the tip and swirl liquid chocolate before you put it to harden on pieces of wax paper.

#8 Paint Art With Hotwheels

Boys should love this paint party idea with toy cars. You need a lot of ‘road’ for these cars to travel with their wheels coated in paint. Paper plates can have several paint colors and your little artists can race their cars through several colors. They will make tire track paint art on sheets on butcher paper.

#9 Paint Party Birthday Cake

You can have a great paint party by painting the birthday party cake itself. On the cake, you can have amazing fondant paint splatters, intense paint can detailing and lots of personalization.

As you can see, there are so many different ways you can take a paint party. Hopefully, you will find one of these ideas appealing and you can have a paint party that all your guests will remember.

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