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mm Paul Verbiton February 19, 2019
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When buying a new house, or merely moving into one, you’ll find that it’ll take some work until you manage to turn the place into an actual home. For this, you need to find a way to customize it and personalize it properly. Sure, bringing your stuff from the previous place should already partially do this. yet, does your current inventory really speak for you? If not, you might need some help in giving the place your own personal stamp. Here are several home customization tips and tricks that you should seriously consider.

1. Start with your favorite pastime

The first thing you need to do in order to introduce a personal touch to the place is to display your favorite pastime. For instance, if you’re crazy about a certain TV show or a movie, you could frame the poster and display it in the living room. For a passionate ice hockey fan, displaying a stick and a mask on a wall like an accessory would be a good idea. However, these don’t necessarily have to have aesthetic value but could provide a proper function, as well. For instance, an avid reader should take part of the room to make a reading nook.

2. The colors that speak to you

Even though there are numerous studies written about the psychology of colors and effects that they have on our moods, minds and dispositions, the truth is that this is incredibly subjective. Everyone has a favorite color and what better way to personalize your living space than to use it to create a theme? For this to work, nonetheless, you need to be honest and realistic about your preferences. Seeing as how a single color won’t be able to cut it (unless you aim for monochrome), you need to start thinking about a perfect palette. Even though this is a choice you have to make on your own, remember that looking up some ideas is not the same thing as plagiarizing.

3. Choose accessories that you like

Previously, we talked about choices that you’ve made a long time ago and are now trying to visually represent through your home’s décor. However, the very act of moving into a new home should signify a new start, so, start making some new choices on your own. The simplest, most exciting and the most frugal way to do so is to start accessorizing. For instance, choose a new set of drinking glasses or replace your old set of plates with some new ones. With the right choice, even this can be turned into a theme.

4. Tell your story

Everyone has a story to tell, where they’ve come from, what their past was like and where they’re going in life. This is something that you can represent through photographs, mementos and elements that symbolize certain events in life. Start roleplaying a person who knows nothing about you visiting your home for the very first time. What could they deduce about you based on the décor itself? Now, ask yourself some additional questions. What do you want them to see and how much do you want to reveal to them? This alone should be more than enough to set you on the right track.

5. Include other inhabitants

Finally, there’s one piece of advice that a lot of people let slip their mind. Unless you live alone, you need to find a way to involve others in this process, as well. By this, we mean your family, roommates and your significant other. Their hobbies, their past and their color preferences also need to be heard and seen throughout the place. As for the choice of accessories and various décor elements, they also need to have a say. Think about it, living together is already a compromise, so why not use this same mindset when organizing the interior of your home.


The very last thing worth taking into consideration is the fact that this is a never-ending process. You see, no matter how hard you commit, there’s always room for more. After all, as your life entangles, you’ll find new interests, develop new preferences and have new stories to tell. This is definitely something to look forward to and, from the perspective of your interior décor, it’s what makes the future so interesting and unpredictable.

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