How to install doors on your attic

mm Paul Verbiton September 5, 2019
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Why is an attic access door important? Well, people don’t pay much attention to attic doors until the foul odor of mold growth reaches the living rooms and roof leaks start becoming a problem. Without secure access to your attic, how will you be able to solve these structural problems? Attic access doors facilitate the periodic cleaning, inspection, and maintenance of roof structure components and other building fixtures located in attics. Installing an attic door provides extra safety and convenience in homes.

Given the wonderful benefits of attic doors, it’s no doubt a worthy addition to your home renovation plans. Whether planning to work on your own or with help from the pros, considering applying these helpful attic access door installation tips.

First step: Before starting with the installation job, make sure to clear the working area from objects that limit your movements. Transfer furniture and wall hangings in a separate room. Since the installation process will create a lot of dust, spread a drop cloth on the floor for easy cleaning. Remember to turn off heating and air conditioning.

Second step: Before making any cuts on the ceiling, identify the location of studs that run behind the drywall. Use a cheap stud sensor that you can buy from your local hardware store. With a pencil, mark the layout of the new attic access door. To visualize the lay-out, run a tape on the marked layout. Make sure to use a tape that won’t damage the drywall.

Third step: Cut through the drywall using a drywall saw. For safety, it would be a good idea to turn off the main electrical breaker. Make sure to cut inside the layout. When making the cuts across each side, leave about 1 inch that is uncut to hold the drywall panel in place until you’re able to cut all sides. This prevents the drywall panel from falling in your face or falling halfway through the process. Remove the cut-out drywall with the help of an assistant.

Fourth step: Remove the blue tape to get the surface ready for the trim. To get the measurements for the trim, measure the opening and add a few inches in each direction. Nailing the first piece of trim accurately on the wall is critical since all other pieces will follow this placement.

Fifth step: Now, it’s time to install the door. You may create your door or order a premade door from a specialty distributor. For final touch up, use caulk to fill in gaps and nail holes to make the entire piece look natural on the ceiling. Install a pull-down attic ladder or use an ordinary portable ladder when going up your attic.

Why order a premade door? For best results, choose to buy a premade attic access door. There is a wide range of door sizes, designs, and materials that you can find in the market to meet different application requirements. You can choose from a fire-rated, draft stop, drop-in, flush and recessed installation doors and many more. There are access doors that are suitable for remodeling in masonry, tile, wood or other ceiling surfaces. Some even feature rounded safety corners for better aesthetics. Installing premade access doors from known manufacturers helps achieve LEED certification and other relevant local building codes.

A DIY job is fun and fulfilling but nothing beats the efficient results that come with working with pros. Prioritize work safety when performing any commercial or residential construction job by calling in experienced contractors to help you complete the door installation job. Additionally, seek more information about the door material you are considering before making the final purchase. Always ask the opinion of trusted product experts.

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