Top health tips for people diagnosed with the MTHFR mutation

mm Paul Verbiton December 4, 2019
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MTHFR Mutation

Every person has the MTHFR enzyme, but some might have a genetic mutation that can lead to several physical problems. If you have tested yourself using the MTHFR home test kit and have found out that you have it, there is nothing to worry about. People with MTHFR mutations can live a healthy and long life with proper precautions and making changes to their lifestyle. Here are some tips for people with MTHFR mutation on how they can manage their condition and prevent the condition from worsening.

Stop Taking Medication that Blocks and Reduces Folate Usage by the Body

Some birth control pills and Methotrexate can block the utilization of folate by the body. Since people with MTHFR mutation already have problems converting active folate, such medication can worsen the situation. If you are taking such medicines, it is best to speak to your doctor and ensure that they will not exaggerate the condition, and if there are alternatives, you can choose.

Minimize Intake of Processed Food

If you have MTHFR mutation, the chances are that your doctor will put you on folate supplements. But, if you regularly eat processed food that contains folic acids, it will hamper how your body uses folate. Thus, it is best to stick to a diet that includes whole foods, vegetables, and fruits that do not contain synthetic folic acid, harmful chemicals, or any preservatives.

Stock Up On Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, and others are the best source of folate. These contain a special kind of folate that is much easier for the body to utilize. Thus, it is best for people with MTHFR mutation to eat more leafy vegetables daily.

Avoid Medication that Prevents Vitamin Absorption

It is essential for people with MTHFR defects to give their bodies more Vitamin B12. Many medications work as proton pump inhibitors and block the vitamin from being absorbed into the body. The lower amount of Vitamin B12 will further worsen the symptoms. Thus, avoid medications and over-the-counter medicines that can block vitamin absorption.

Focus on Living a Healthy Lifestyle

While it is vital to know and understand how your body changes with MTHFR symptoms, there is more to your body than just those defective genes. Not all health issues that you might experience are due to the MTHFR mutation. Your doctor should be able to conduct a thorough body check-up and explain the problems that are connected with MTHFR mutation and those that are not.

Take Additional Vitamins and Nutrients

MTHFR mutation will prevent your body from making some essential nutrients that are important for your body to function correctly. Thus, you should supplement your body accordingly. You might have to include supplements such as methyl-B12, fish oil, riboflavin, and others to your diet. Consult with your doctor before you start with any supplement to ensure that it is right for you.

Detox Regularly

Since your detoxification gene is altered, you must make proper detoxifying efforts to help get rid of the toxins in your body. Apart from eating right, you should also indulge in sweat-inducing physical activities and take a sauna bath more often.

Being healthy with MTHFR mutation is not impossible. It is essential to take care of your body and offer support by eating right and exercising regularly. You can make use of an MTHFR home test kit to verify. You should consult with a qualified doctor who can create a customized plan according to your unique needs and the severity of your symptoms.

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