6 tips to optimize your workspace to reduce neck, shoulder and back pain

mm Paul Verbiton January 7, 2019
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We spend most of our day in the office while sitting on a chair which indicates an inactive lifestyle. To be honest, an inactive lifestyle is not a healthy one, particularly for your cardiac health. It also causes body aches if the furniture is not ergonomically designed such as you may be feeling pain in your back and neck because your office chair was inappropriate.

In essence, you need to optimize your workplace for the better of your workers and the best of your business.

Optimization of a workplace means to make some necessary modifications in it to use it in a highly effective manner. Regarding the optimization of your workplace, it needs to be ergonomically designed to remove body pains and ensure good overall health of the employees.

The following six tips will show you to optimize your workplace for reducing pains in different body areas:

1. Optimize Office Seating

Your office seating is the main culprit causing you pains in the back, neck and shoulder if it is non-adjustable and inconvenient. In turn, you might not be able to work properly as you feel retarded due to body pains. Therefore, take a step to optimize your office seating. For this purpose, you can bring in bean bag chairs which are a well-known source of comfort and chicness. In addition to the comfort, bean bag chairs put little to no burden on the environment since its manufacturing does not require the use of wood.

Apart from bean bag chairs, get ergonomic chairs for your workplace. Actually, ergonomically designed chairs come in various sizes to meet the physical needs of individuals. In this way, they do not cause any body pain and make working conditions better for you. See here for what we thought were pretty good chairs!

You can also get sit-stand desks for an optimized workplace. These ergonomically manufactured desks provide ease of movement while working. Additionally, they offer flexibility by allowing your body to sit and stand easily.

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2. Keep the Necessary Items Closer

You should place every necessary and important object nearer to you or your desk e.g., files, pens, sticky notes etc. In contrast, keeping things at distance requires getting up repeatedly to grab them which can be body aching. Also, working on a laptop for many hours can be detrimental to your posture; hence, prefer working on a desktop.

Moreover, your mouse and keyboard should be placed closer to you. Otherwise, you may need to extend your arms constantly to reach them which can cause tension in shoulders and neck. Ensure comfortable working by placing mouse and keyboard within reach. This way you will feel the ease of switching between them while working on your computer.

3. Specify a Space for Some Physical Activity

Regular physical activity is extremely important in order to keep you fit and moving. Nonetheless, some strict natures of jobs may not allow workers to make time to do it. Or their working routine exhausts them a lot so they only want to take rest. By keeping this fact in view, an optimized workplace must allow its workers to engage in some physical activity. Therefore, every workspace should have a specified area (no matter big or small) for some workout in between work hours.

The workers can utilize that specified workout area by having a ten to twenty minutes break and doing different physical activities there. Such physical activities can be inclusive of jumping jacks, yoga, push-ups etc. Additionally, putting in some exercise apparatus e.g., treadmill, bouncy ball, rope for skipping are truly advantageous to relieve you from body pains.

Other than this, workers can also go for a brisk walk of around twenty minutes if they have a walking track nearby their workspace. Furthermore, you should encourage people to take stairs while going upwards and downwards because it is a great way to keep everyone physically active.

4. Maintain the Right Posture

A good posture is helpful in keeping joints and muscle pains at bay. It, in fact, is really beneficial for everyone but asks a little effort to maintain it.

Ensuring the right posture at the workplace can relieve you from body pains that you got due to an improper posture. Neglecting the importance of the right posture and not maintaining it can be painful particularly for your shoulders, back and neck.

Contrasting to it, maintaining a better posture at the workplace would be a healthier practice and will reduce pains. It is achievable by sitting up straight, not slouching as well as keeping straight shoulders and neck while working. Also, your wrists should be straight and elbows should be closer to your body. Adding to it, make sure your back doesn’t hurt while working. Also, it should not strain your muscles when you are typing or doing work while sitting.

5. Get Adjustable Monitors

Your computer’s monitor should be placed in the right direction that it doesn’t put a strain on your eyes. This is because an inappropriate position of your monitor’s screen can cause you pain in the neck. Hence, the direction of the screen should be straight in line with your eyes.

A few monitors come with adjustable screen’s position options so you can tilt it, raise it or lower it down. So, an optimized workplace should allow flexible monitors to avoid and reduce neck pain.

6. Organize Your Workplace Properly

An organized workplace is a sure sign of a leading business. It speaks for your professionalism and how organized you are. Give priority to cleanliness and make things easily reachable for everyone. It appears as a less important thing but can make working a lot easier for everybody. And it can be reduce pain in neck, shoulders and back to a greater extent.

In an organized workplace, a well-organized workplace’s desk is undoubtedly a great blessing. It relieves your stress and even reduces your body pains in many ways. Imagine a poorly organized workplace’s desk cluttered with unnecessary items. You will surely be annoyed and stressed. It can put a negative impact on the quality of work and kills creativity that is required for various tasks. It also indicates weak professionalism and poor maintenance of the workplace.

On the contrary, a neat and clean workplace’s desk without any mess of objects is definitely relaxing. In order to ensure a well-organized workplace’s desk, get an optimal desk organizer.

A desk organizer is an amazing and attractive way to organize your workplace’s desk and enhance the quality of work. It also improves access of every required thing during working and cuts back the need of getting up and searching for it repeatedly. It will nicely keep your files, earphones, writing materials and even cables of the computer. In this way, you will be able to easily grab the required object without putting any strain on your muscles.

Not showing any concern to ensure an ergonomic and comfortable workplace will keep on putting strains on worker’s muscles. You will be tired soon and become sick frequently. It will cause an increase in your non-attendance to the workplace which will result in poor business growth.

Also, workers may feel less cared due to an unoptimized and ill-organized workplace. As a result of it, they may want to quit working and you will definitely lose quality workforce in this manner. Hence, the optimization of your workplace is of undeniable significance. So, move ahead towards the achievement of an optimized workplace for relieving body pains.
This article was written by Hannah, an interior designer by profession, and she knows all the ins and outs of using the right quality of the furniture and accessories for home decor and workplace. She is also a blogger who loves to write about the home and office maintenance tips and tricks. Check out ErgoEdge here.

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