Don’t forget the aftershave. A refreshing one

mm Paul Verbiton August 28, 2018
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morning shaving

It’s always a blast to rise every morning and shuffle into the bathroom. We all know what comes next. Yes sir, it’s the bout with the blade. Peer up into that mirror and wipe that groggy look off your face, because it’s time to break out the shaving cream.

If possible, you may want to try this routine in the shower. The heat from the water will really soften up those whiskers and make for a nice smooth shave. This is the practice of many men these days. Oh, and don’t forget to use a quality shaving product that offers a heavy lubricant.

Doesn’t that feel better? You’re all set for work now. Uhh, hold on. There’s actually one more step. You don’t want to forget your soothing aftershave for men.

Remember when the kid slapped on the aftershave for men in “Home Alone?” This is a classic scene. He screams after he does it because the aftershave burns. I can’t recall which one he used, but I do know why it burns. It’s loaded with alcohol. This is not a good thing.

They may have thought alcohol was ideal back in the day, since it works like a disinfectant, but it’s no longer recommended in aftershave for men. Think about what you’ve just done. You dragged a razor blade all over your face, hence scraping off that top layer of skin. Now your delicate neck and chin need relief. Your face needs to be soothed, calmed, and refreshed. This is not accomplished with alcohol.

The contemporary man requires an emollient, rich aftershave for men. These are so simple to come by nowadays. In fact, take your pick from the massive plethora of lotions, balms, and gels.

Should you shoot for the drug store stuff, designer products, or somewhere in between? Well, let me put it like this; I’ve done the drugstore stuff and the only decent aftershave for men I’ve encountered is Nivea. Then there are the designer aftershaves. These are typically great. They sooth and heal, but also provide a wonderful scent. Also Baxter of California makes an outstanding aftershave balm that does it all for about 15 dollars. This one is at the top of my list.

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