The best ethical toys your kids will love

mm Paul Verbiton October 18, 2019
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While you may not be able to protect the environment all on your own, your step towards sustainability will be huge if you start shopping for eco-friendly toys. You as an eco-minded parent can reduce the impact that your child adds to the world’s landfills. What’s more, you’ll set a good example for them and make them more environmentally-conscious as they grow up. Therefore, the next time you go shopping for toys, consider some of the following options.

Eco-friendly bubble kit

Every child will become adorably happy when they see or get to blow soap bubbles. So, why not offer your little one a sustainable option and buy them Dr Zigs bubble mixture? Instead of giving them a small plastic bottle filled with chemicals, invest in a biodegradable, palm oil and phosphate-free alternative from Dr Zigs. The fact that it comes in 10x concentrate adds to the eco-friendliness by reducing the packaging, and so do the sustainably-sourced wood and unbleached cotton used to make the wooden wands and rope for making bubbles. On top of that, your child will get to make surprisingly big bubbles and enjoy playing for hours. You can give it to children older than 3 years who’ll enjoy making up to 1000 bubbles as the label says the mixture contains. For more bubbles, you can buy an extra pack of the mixture separately.

Catch the mouse

If you’re looking for a game made entirely from recycled materials, Catch the Mouse will be your cup of tea. It is a game of reactions, where the player is “Lightning the cat” and he or she must slam an eco-friendly plastic paw down on top of the other players’ mice to catch them. The game comes in a small cardboard box featuring the paw, four small mice on sticks, a dice and a cardboard cheese. To add to its sustainability, you can read the instructions online and not on a printed piece of paper.

MD Doodler for future engineers

Is your little one showing signs of creativity and affinity towards project designs? Maybe you’ve been spotting little signs here and there and you’d like to test their creativity, in which case quality STEM teaching tools such as the 3Doodler can be a wonderful investment. The doodler is made of 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic Eco-Plastics, meaning there are absolutely no fumes that can harm your child’s well-being. Now, your child will be able to doodle in 3D and bring their images to life, which can potentially result in them creating amazing big projects when they grow up. With a 3D doodler, their imagination will come to life allowing them to broaden their horizons and dream bigger.

Collage Alphabet Wooden Tray Puzzle

If your little one is ready to learn letters and words, you should give them a multi-language alphabet wooden tray. The tray features 26 letter puzzle pieces and it’s made from sustainable wood and printed with vegetable inks. It will be the best teaching aid for improving children’s fine motor control and hand-eye coordination, while helping them learn about the letters of the alphabet in English, French, German and Italian. Teach your child something new every day and practice new words through a fun activity.

Cuddly toys

Another option is a 100% cotton yarn doll which comes in two sizes, 13” and 20”, and is stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill. It is handcrafted in Peru with the use of sustainable, fair trade practices. Being so well-made with quality materials, your kid will be able to pass the toy down to younger generations and contribute to protecting the environment by not disposing of toys early on. Considering it’s a great size, you’ll easily fit it into a doll’s pram.

Final thoughts

Shopping for eco-friendly toys will both contribute to reducing the carbon footprint and protecting your child’s well-being. So, it’s really a win-win situation and you shouldn’t question your decision for a second. Offer your bundle of joy the healthiest and most entertaining toys they’ll love for years.

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