Tips for new moms dealing with stress

mm Paul Verbiton October 10, 2019
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Becoming a parent is the most beautiful and the most challenging thing you can do in life but at the same time, it’s very simple. You give birth and there’s a new person in your life which is exhilarating but that’s when the stress usually starts – there’s so much to do and take care of that it can become overwhelming.

If you worry your motherhood could be daunting, here are a few tips that can be helpful.

Set up ground rules

Even before the baby is born, come up with some ground rules regarding the way things will be handled one the baby is born and stick to them. Make sure your family and friends understand your breastfeeding and sleeping schedule, visiting time and what it means to you to respect your privacy. It’s important you have peace and quiet while you’re getting the hang of parenting.

Ask for help

Don’t hesitate to ask for help and don’t wait for things to become hectic. The support you get from your closest family and in-laws is precious for all new moms, whether it’s help with the laundry, dishes, meals or the baby-related things, whatever you can get, say Yes!

Involve your partner

Involving your partner in the caring process of your new-born is a significant factor for successful parenting. It’s not only beneficial for the two of you but for the baby as well – by sharing responsibilities, both of you will be more rested and less nervous when taking care of your baby. Moreover, it’s also a wonderful opportunity for your partner to bond with the baby.

Join an education centre

For happy children and their healthy development, they should be given the opportunity to socialize with other kids and the best way to do it is by joining an education centre or a playgroup. Enrolling your baby in an under-one child creative learning centre will bring numerous benefits – your baby will participate in carefully designed activities that will help them develop physically, cognitively and socially whereas you will get some time off to take care of yourself.

Expect rough times

Caring about a new-born is a big responsibility and it does get challenging at times. There will be good days when things run smoothly but there will also be rough days and it’s perfectly normal.

It’s also perfectly normal to feel the baby blues right after giving birth but this is something that usually subsides after a couple of weeks. If it doesn’t and you feel it’s worsening, you might be suffering from postpartum depression which also happens to many new moms but make sure you consult your doctor in that case.

Sleep whenever you can

In the first few weeks following the birth, it will be difficult to relax enough so you can fall asleep easily due to exhaustion, pain and constant worry about the baby’s welfare. However, it’s imperative you get sufficient sleep and rest as much as you can. It is easier said than done, but make an effort to sleep when the baby’s sleeping, take a nap in the passenger seat of your car and work out a feeding schedule with your partner so both of you can get the chance the rest.

There’s no such thing as perfection

Even though new moms know there’s no such thing as perfection, they tend to push themselves hard to make their lives perfect. There are neither perfect parents nor perfect children and the sooner you understand this, the easier your life will be.

Things around the house still need to be done, meals prepared and children taken care of, but it can be done just as well without focusing on unimportant details. Rather, pay attention to the experience your gaining and enjoy the present as your baby will grow up in a blink of an eye!

As much every new mom is different from the other, what they all have in common is the stress they go through. Instead of allowing it to get the better of you, try these tips to relax and enjoy the moments with the lovely new person in your life.

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