Various dangers of using Clenbuterol

mm Paul Verbiton July 16, 2019
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While there are several popular weight loss supplements available in the market, there is no denying the fact that clenbuterol is one of the most popular weight loss supplements. This weight loss supplement is widely used but it is important for users to know that it also has certain inherent dangers and people should be aware of the dangers of using clenbuterol before they decide upon its use.

While this potent drug is typically popular for weight loss but it is also used as a performance-enhancing drug. In some countries, this drug is available via prescription for treatment of asthma and breathing disorders. It is important to mention here that its use has been banned by FDA.

It works by increasing the temperature of the body in which forces your body to use the existing body fat as an energy source which results in quick weight loss. Needless to say, this quick weight loss comes with its own disadvantages and here is a list of some of the major dangers of using clenbuterol.

One of the most common side effects of using this drug is that it leads to shaky hands. Nobody has been able to avoid this side effect and there is nothing you can do to avoid it. There are times when users have experienced reduced shakiness after using the drug for some time but everybody is going to experience it. This is also the reason it is not recommended to start with a large dose of this drug right at the beginning. In most cases, the recommended amount at the beginning is kept very low at the start of the cycle and the dosage is then slowly increased with time.

Another common side effect of this particular drug is muscle cramps. This is due to the reason that this particular drug results in draining of taurine in the muscle tissue. Loss of taurine can lead to painful muscle cramps and this is the reason, experts recommend supplementing with taurine when using this particular drug in order to avoid muscle cramps. However, muscle cramps cannot be completely avoided when using this drug.

It is a stimulant which means most users are going to experience nausea when they are using this drug. Nausea can be extreme for people who are particularly sensitive to stimulants. Since this drug also results in increased blood pressure, it may also lead to headaches. In simple terms, you are going to experience headaches when you start using this drug but the severity may go down after your body becomes accustomed to this drug.

It is important to keep in mind that high blood pressure for a longer period of time can damage the kidneys, heart as well as other organs in your body. In some cases it can also be fatal. Which is why it is important to find an alternative to Clenbuterol if you are looking for a safe and effective product. It is important to take care and get your blood pressure checked on a regular basis when you are using this drug. If you don’t, it will have severe long-term detrimental effect on your health.

This drug has a thermogenic effect on the body which means it raises the internal temperature of the body. As mentioned in the beginning, the body starts using stored fat as an energy source when you use this drug. Since this process raises the internal temperature, it may lead to increased sweating and that may also have certain side effects. In fact, many people experience dehydration when they are on this drug.

As mentioned above, it is a stimulant which means many users may experience insomnia when they start using this drug. In fact, its effect can last up to 36 hours and in many cases for more than 36 hours which may lead to insomnia. Insomnia may decline once the body adapts to the drug.

Irregular heartbeat is also one of the most documented side effect of this particular drug. Since it is a stimulant and raises blood pressure, it may also raise the heart rate which may lead to irregular heartbeats. If an irregular heartbeat is not good for health and it can be fatal in certain circumstances.

While these are some of the most common commonly known dangers of this particular drug, there are also other well-documented dangers of this drug. Some of the other side effects of this particular drug include sleeping problems, diarrhea, muscle weakness, vision loss, stroke, heart failure, muscle cramps, dry mouth, anxiety, breathing difficulties, palpitations, vomiting, extreme weight loss, increased appetite, depression, muscle spasms, chest pain, hyperglycemia, flulike symptoms and addiction to this drug among others.

Overall, there are a number of dangers of using clenbuterol, especially when it is used for a long period of time. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of the above mentioned side effects of this drug in order to make an informed choice. It is recommended to take guidance from a health practitioner in case you want to use this particular drug.

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