Phentermine: what it does and doesn’t do

mm Paul Verbiton July 16, 2019
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More people are affected by being excessively overweight or obese than you may think. It has become a kind of epidemic with more people listening to medical advice to focus on losing weight. There is a prescribed drug that is available these days called Phentermine that can help obese individuals who are struggling to lose weight. Like a majority of prescription medications, Phentermine does have some side effects associated with it. It has been reported that a majority of the side effects are seemingly harmless. However, there have been occasional serious complications that have taken place using Phentermine. That is why we recommend to not use Phentermine as a way to cosmetically alter the weight of your body, but it should be used for helping patients with serious medical risks to achieve a more acceptable level of weight that will reduce their risk of developing serious diseases.

Phentermine is available in either tablets or capsules in several different colors and three strengths: 27.5, 30, and 15 mg. One thing to note is that Phentermine is a type of short-term management drug that isn’t intended to be used for extended periods of time. After just a couple of weeks, the human body can build up a defence against this drug and it can stop working correctly.

Phentermine works by using the central mechanism of the brain to suppress appetite. Due to the strength that Phentermine has, we recommend taking only this appetite suppressant by itself when consuming it.

If you suffering from a severe illness that is caused by clinical obesity, then Phentermine has been proven to be able to successfully treat obese individuals who are in a life-threatening position of needing to lose weight. Phentermine can help, however, the amount of weight you lose is going to depend on your level of physical activity and the diet that you follow.

As previously stated, Phentermine is only intended to be a short-term drug. It is estimated that as the body builds up a resistance mechanism for this drug, the patient should at the same time diligently work towards achieving a healthier lifestyle by attempting to increase their physical activity levels and change any harmful eating habits they may have. It is thought that if this is done properly the body will get used to the new lifestyle so although the Phentermine pills might stop to work they won’t be needed anymore. Phentermine by itself cannot perform miracles. Phentermine can only achieve substantial results when combined with a good exercise plan and a healthy diet.

Adipex-P and Ionamin are the most common generic brands of Phentermine. However, they are not the only brand names that are being sold in the marketplace currently and when it comes to targeting obesity issues all of them are basically the same. There are two different types of Phentermine pills that you can purchase: one-time release capsules, which release the drug effects about 8 to 12 hours after consuming the drug, and there is also the immediate release type which means that the effects are immediate after the pills are ingested and get released into your bloodstream.

Like any other drug, Phentermine is associated with some side effects. The following are some of the more common potential side effects:


Constipation, upset stomach, irritability, sleeplessness, dry mouth, or blurred vision during the first couple of days as your body is adjusting to the medication. Some other potential undesirable effects include changes in libido, gastrointestinal disturbances, and central nervous system effects. Alcohol may increase dizziness, which is another unwanted side effect.


Swelling, difficulty breathing, difficulty urinating, pounding heart, or chest pain while taking the medication.


Cardiac valvular disease and primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH) have been experienced by patients who received a combination of Fenfluramine and Phentermine (Phen-fen) or dexfenfluramine. It cannot be ruled out that there is a potential association between use Phentermine alone and PPH.

At this point, it needs to be mentioned that different phentermine options are available including Acomplia and Hoodia that have no or fewer side effects compared to Phentermine. However, compared to Phentermine, their effectiveness is also less proven. Please note that Phentermine has a similar structure to amphetamines and if they are screened for, PHentermine may result in a positive amphetamines screening.

After you stop using Phentermine it is possible to experience some withdrawal symptoms as the body needs time to return back to normal. Following Phentermine use, there is no set time for returning to normality. Each individual case will be determined by how long the Phentermine was used and how much was taken.

Phentermine has not been designed to be used by everyone. If you are somebody who just wants your outward appearance to be improved, then Phentermine is not the solution for you. Individuals who have a serious illness that may become life-threatening due to prolonged obesity are the ideal candidates to take Phentermine. It is important to note that ideal body weight can never be achieved by an overly obese individual while taking Phentermine. Instead, Phentermine is used to help with combating obesity and the awful medical risk factors associated with it. It is necessary to lose excess weight to improve your overall health. It has been estimated that losing a modest amount of weight of around 5-10% of body weight can be achieved if used properly.

Once again, taking Phentermine alone is not sufficient for combating obesity. It is also essential to lead an overall healthy lifestyle which includes a regular exercise routine and natural diet. If you are at risk of a serious illness and are clinically overweight then Phentermine might be the right solution for you.

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