How to get that dream job you’re looking for

mm Paul Verbiton July 15, 2019
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Picture that one job you have been wishing to ace since you graduated from college. Are you truly aiming to land the part in the future, or are you currently compromising with a job that only pays the bills? What if we tell you that with the right tips and tricks, that dream job of yours can become a reality? Here are some useful advice to get you started.

Assess Yourself

You may already have a dream job in mind, but is that really what suits you best? Before anything else, assess yourself and reflect on your values. How would you like to work for the rest of your life? What are you willing to do even if you never got paid? These questions, along with a self-evaluation of your skills and interests, will help you decide which job is truly worth aiming for.

You also might want to consider the fact that some companies require a pre-employment drug testing for your application to be considered. If you’re not comfortable with this policy, you might want to look for other job opportunities rather than fake your results with synthetic urine and spoil your reputation.

Be a Master of Your Craft

At the end of the day, skills always win over charisma and charm. You can’t expect to land your dream job without having previously gained valuable skills and experiences on a certain job. Developing mastery in your chosen career will not only hone you to be better at your craft, it will also open more windows of opportunities throughout your entire career.

However, don’t be deterred by a lack of experience, which is often a dilemma of new graduates. Great companies look for people who are not just skilled but also willing to learn and receive further education. If you really plan on getting that dream job, you have to work for it by never stopping to learn and gain new skills each day.

Don’t Wait for the Phone to Ring

One common scenario of any online job hunter is submitting their résumés online and then waiting for the phone to ring. Most of the time, these job seekers meet a disappointing outcome – no call-backs and no interview invites. The problem with sticking to online job hunting is that there could be hundreds of other job seekers doing the same thing as you, giving you the slimmest chance to stand out and get a positive response.

To ace that dream job, it’s time to stop putting all your efforts, if any, in a single platform. Step away from your computer and build connections with people you know. You’ll never know, a former classmate or coworker could be working in the company you’ve been eyeing all this time.

While you’re working to get the job position you’ve been waiting for, don’t forget to keep your job expectations realistic. Your dream job may not give you the perfect work situation as every job has its pros and cons. However, you’ll know if a job is worth having if it doesn’t feel like a job at all.

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